Wines of Israel Grand Tasting “Grapes, Grains, and Olives”

Published: September 10, 2019

Inaugural consumer-focused Grand Tasting on September 10th at Union Park Events in New York City. Breads and mezze provided by a lineup of outstanding local restaurants, including Breads Bakery, Nur, and Lamalo. Wines from Alexander Winery, Barkan Winery, Bravdo Winery, Carmel Winery, Covenant Israel Winery, Dalton Winery, Ella Valley Vineyards, Five Stones Vineyards, Golan Heights Winery, Gvaot Winery, Hayotzer Winery, Jacques Capsouto Vignobles, Jerusalem Wineries, Jezreel Valley Winery, Kishor Winery, Lueria Winery, Maia Winery, Meishar Winery, Or Haganuz Winery, Recanata Winery, Segal Winery, Somek Estate Winery, Tabor Winery, Teperberg Winery, Tulip Winery, Tura Winery, and Yatir Winery. Event open to the public with valid admission.