The Mediterranean Lifestyle Magazine Explores the Flourishing Wines of Israel

Published: September 23, 2020

In a recent piece highlighted by gorgeous full-color photography of Israel’s vineyards, grapes, and wine culture, The Mediterranean Lifestyle recently took a closer look at the lengthy history and diverse landscapes that define the Mediterranean nation’s noted winemaking tradition.

Underscoring the sense of awe and wonder that Israel’s millennia-long history inspires within the visitor, the article explores the dynamic interplay of past and present that informs the country’s wine culture—which now counts more than 300 producers in 6 distinct growing regions, where ancient legacies intertwine with cutting-edge international training and technology to make for one of the most exciting and fast-growing wine nations in the world today.

Including a useful factsheet and guide to the country’s wine production, The Mediterranean Lifestyle closes their exploration with the observation that the best is yet to come for this rising winemaking nation.

Source: The Mediterranean Lifestyle Magazine (pages 34-41)