The Epoch Times Examines Israel’s Diverse Regions and Deep Winemaking History

Published: March 1, 2020

Comparing the wines of Israel to those of France’s prestigious appellations of Bordeaux and the Rhône, The Epoch Times recently published an exploration of the country’s numerous regions and long history, with writer Melanie Young noting that “Israeli wines are still a new discovery” for most American wine lovers.

Dispelling myths and misconceptions about Kosher winemaking, Young points out that the country’s wine culture—one of the oldest in the world—is still growing and changing, with more than 120 grape varieties cultivated in terroirs as diverse as snow-capped mountains, arid deserts, and fertile coastal plains. Noting that kosher winemaking is a process not at all tied to quality, the article goes on to examine Israel’s diverse swath of production styles ranging from Champagne-style sparklers to rare indigenous grapes, off-dry Rieslings to Rhône-style red blends.