Tasting Panel Magazine Explores the Nuances of Israeli Wine’s New Act in the US

Published: January 28, 2020

Noting that Israel is a “remarkable region” for wine with a climate more on par with Southern Italy or Greece than the Middle East, Tasting Panel recently published its exploration of this past fall’s Wines of Israel US launch, which saw more than two dozen producers from all of the country’s major wine regions come together to impress wine-loving New Yorkers at Union Park Events.

Tracing the country’s modern wine industry to Baron Edmond de Rothschild’s 1882 planting of Bordeaux vine cuttings at what would eventually become Carmel Winery—which is still active and widely respected today—writer David Ransom also noted the country’s ancient winemaking history, the growing scale of its production (now more than 40 million bottles annually), the misconceptions surrounding Kosher wine production, and the terrific success of this past fall’s launch.

Source: www.tastingpanelmag.com/digital-jan-feb-2020 (pp. 52-53)