Israel Tells Its Story

Published: July 23, 2019

After a recent trip to Israel to taste hundreds of wines and to assess the state of the country’s modern wine industry, Master of Wine Sandy Block came away with the understanding that there is a significant disparity between the exceptionally high quality level of Israeli wines and their relative invisibility in the American marketplace. To rectify this discrepancy, the Israel Export Institute and twenty-seven producers have established a first-ever Wines of Israel campaign, with the goals to help recast the country’s vinous exports as world class Mediterranean wines and to correct the misperception that all Israeli wines are kosher, “non-fine,” or not on par with those of other New World wine regions. As Israel’s modern wine industry has developed, the country’s understanding of its own terroir has likewise improved dramatically, resulting in more recognition for regional diversity and the adoption of Mediterranean varietals like Syrah, Grenache, Viognier, and Carignan, which are better suited for the country’s warm growing areas. Increased attention to soil and vineyard sites, in addition to the return of a growing number of young winemakers who have worked abroad, have helped to define Israel’s “identity revolution” at the same time that the country’s cuisine has been discovered and celebrated in the United States and elsewhere.

BevMedia. July 23rd , 2019: