Israel Making Its Mark as Noteworthy Wine Producer

Published: October 29, 2019

Highlighting the increased prominence of Israeli winemaking, Boston Herald wine writer Jim Campanini recently characterized the small Mediterranean country as a “burgeoning wine paradise.” While Israel has been producing wine for millennia before even the Romans’ first attempts at viticulture, neither the country’s ancient winemaking pedigree nor its exceptionally high modern quality levels have, until recently, gained widespread attention. The finest Israeli wines tend to come from challenging climactic conditions at either high elevations in the country’s mountainous north, or in arid, desert-like conditions in the south, and top examples are often Bordeaux blends. Israel’s unique matrix of varied soils, consistent sunshine, proximity to the Mediterranean, and heterogeneous topography make it full of opportunity for intrepid winemakers intending to craft terroir-transparent wines—of which there are now many. Producers recommended by the Boston Herald include Golan Heights Winery, Tabor Winery, Kishor Vineyards, Jacques Capsouto Vignobles, Gva’ot Winery, Lueria Winery, Dalton Winery, and Tura Estate Winery.

Source: (Boston Herald. September 25th, 2019).