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Can Israeli Expertise Save Europe’s Warming Wineries?

Published: August 21, 2019

As the effects of climate change on the vineyards of Europe come into greater focus, many winemakers are looking to Israel for its expertise on navigating the challenges of warm-climate viticulture. From the mountains to the desert, Israeli winemakers are well-positioned to dispense advice, knowing, as they do, how to manage grape-growing under extreme and often erratic conditions. From drip irrigation—which was pioneered by Israel more than five decades ago—to technologies like satellite imagery, drones, and desalinization, Israel is a leader in cutting-edge practices that are of increasing relevance in an increasingly unpredictable climate. Israel’s Negev region – a sprawling, sunbaked desert whose name translates simply to “the dry” in Hebrew – is not exactly a mirror image of Napa or Bordeaux, and yet, here, in one of the least likely locales, Israel’s can-do attitude towards innovation has resulted in wines of not just high quality, but of site-specific character as well. It is almost a given that the knowledge that has allowed the vine to bloom in such an arid desert will spread to, and prove to be of great use for, producers in areas where climate change has disrupted the old, well-worn paths of winemaking.

Penta. August 21st , 2019: