A New Wave of Israeli Wines and Producers is Redefining an Ancient Winemaking Tradition

Published: December 13, 2019

Speaking to key industry players from almost all sides of the world of wine—producers to importers, retailers to aficionados—Tasting Panel recently profiled the amazing ascendance of Israeli wines, contextualizing their rise as a new wave in the history of wine itself, which, the magazine mentioned, could be traced back five millennia in the region. Noting that Israel is both the oldest and newest winegrowing country of the world, Tasting Panel argued that since the 1980’s a revolution in quality has been picking up speed—and shows no signs of slowing. From $12 value Cabernet Sauvignon to super premium Bordeaux blends that have demonstrated an ability to excite even the most experienced wine-lovers, Israel is showing that the diversity of its terroirs can have it competing with the world’s best in nearly every category. Prominent retailers agree. In the brick and mortar world, another sort of revolution is underway—one in which better signage and increasing shelf space have helped to broaden Israel’s reach. Powered by increased retail attention, consumer’s discovery of new regions and grapes, and sterling press, Israeli wines’ revolution does indeed show no signs of stopping.

Source: www.tastingpanelmag.com