Negev Highlands

The Negev is the desert region that makes up half the country. Vineyards have been planted in the Negev Highlands, in particularly at Mitzpe Ramon. Soils are sandy loam and loess. The Negev Highlands are up to 3000 feet elevation.  Rainfall is barely 2-4” per year. Temperatures range from very hot during the day (60-105 0F in the summer) to cooler evenings and very cold nights. The vineyards are sometimes shrouded in mists during the morning hours. The dryness and lack of humidity keep diseases to a minimum. The modern pioneers in the Negev first planted vineyards in the 1990’s. Vineyards in the desert is a classic example of Israel’s skills in agriculture, in making the desert bloom. A unique problem to the Negev vineyards are marauding camels, which may eat a vine to its roots as though it was a salad.

Winery in the Negev:  Yatir.

Negev vineyards: 4%

Classic example of Israel’s skills in agriculture