Judean Foothills

This is a region of small vineyards and many wineries, and is bisected by the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It consists of rolling hills with deep soils, which are chalky and clay loams. Elevations are higher than the coastal plain, from 500 to 1150 feet above sea level and average rainfall is up to 20” per year. Winter temperatures are from 40-60 0F, while those in the summer range from say 65-86 0F. Vineyards were planted in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This is today the largest wine growing region, popular with tourists because of its closeness to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Wineries in the Judean Foothills:  Barkan, Bravdo, Segal.

Judean Foothills vineyards: 27%

Today the largest wine growing region