The Galilee, Galil in Hebrew, is situated in the north of Israel. The Upper Galilee is a mountainous area of forests, plunging peaks and stony ridges. It is Israel’s most beautiful vineyard region. The soils are heavy, but well drained. They tend to be a mixture of volcanic, gravel and terra rossa soils. The vineyards near the northern border with Lebanon are 1200 to 1500 feet above sea level. The vineyards near Mount Meron range from 2100 to 3300 feet above sea level. Most of the vineyards in the Upper Galilee were planted only since the mid to late 1990’s. The annual precipitation in the Upper Galilee is from 31-40”. Winter temperatures can be from 32-60 0F while in the summer the range is from 54-86 0F.

Wineries in the Upper Galilee: Dalton, Capsouto, Covenant Israel, Kishor, Lueria, Or Haganuz, Recanati.

The area of vineyards in the Lower Galilee are situated near Mount Tabor.  Here elevations are 600 to 1300 feet. Soils vary between volcanic and limestone. Precipitation ranges from 15-20” a year. 

Wineries in the Lower Galilee: Jezreel, Tabor.

Galilee vineyards: 25% 

Israel’s most beautiful vineyard region