Wines of Israel Where
the Mediterranean

Look East

Here, where the Fertile Crescent meets the Mediterranean, wine was produced 5000 years ago. Over millennia, it earned a reputation for quality, and was sent west in Canaanite Jars to ancient empires in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. For the local people it was essential to their livelihood and culture, even their health, and it became a sacred part of everyday life.

Today, in the same soil and under the same sun, internationally recognized and award-winning wines are once again being produced. Inspired by tradition, driven by innovation, a new generation of Israeli winemakers are combining global training with creativity and viticultural expertise, and causing wine lovers in modern empires to look east.

When they do, they will find that compressed within Israel’s narrow borders are the ideal conditions for a modern, growing, quality-driven wine industry: Extraordinary climatic and topographical diversity, with a variety of soils, elevations, and growing conditions that allow for the cultivation of dozens of grape varieties both international and local; the world’s most advanced agricultural and water management technology from the country known as the start-up nation; a youthful, diverse and cosmopolitan population supporting a thriving restaurant and food scene based on fresh and simple Mediterranean flavors and ingredients; but most of all, highly educated, passionate, and competitive winemakers and growers, driven to fulfill the promise of this fertile land and advance Israeli wine on the world stage.

Taste the warm sunlight and tempering breezes of Israel, where the Mediterranean begins.

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