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About Wines of Israel

Wines of Israel is a promotional campaign organized by the Israel Export Institute and financed by the government of Israel and select producers to educate the US wine trade and general public about the quality and universal appeal of Israeli wine, with the aim to gain wider recognition of Israel as a fast growing and significant wine region on the world stage.

In the past few decades, as the Israeli wine industry has been reborn and gained recognition as a modern wine region producing internationally competitive wines, a consensus developed among producers, various governmental bodies, and industry figures that a cooperative marketing effort was necessary to compete with the other great wine regions of the world and create a brand for Israeli wine.  Specifically, it was decided that for the long term health and growth of the industry, it was necessary to move Israeli wine beyond the Jewish/Kosher identity that has been the driving force behind its phenomenal growth until now, and appeal to the general wine consumer who might be unaware of the high quality of Israeli wine, as shown by the ratings, awards, and reviews it has increasingly garnered from leading wine critics and publications.

Spearheaded by the Israel Export Institute, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Economy and Industry, and the Wines & Grapes Board, a plan was developed for a dedicated four-year promotional campaign in the USA, the largest export market for Israeli Wine.  Through a competitive bidding process, Colangelo & Partners, a US agency specializing in wine and especially wine institutional marketing and promotion, was chosen to develop and manage the campaign. After enlisting the support of wineries, whose participation is voluntary, the campaign was finally launched in 2019. The campaign consists of advertising and digital marketing, consumer and trade education and promotional events, trade relations and promotions, press and media relations and all manner of public communications.

Fast Facts
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The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute

The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute is a premier gateway for doing business with Israeli companies.  Established and funded by the government and the private sector, the IEICI’s expertise in technology and product scouting, joint ventures and strategic alliances with Israeli companies, spans more than half a century.  Whatever the field, the IEICI offers access to relevant businesses and government resources. The IEICI will provide the information one needs to connect, negotiate and do business all over the world.

The Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of agriculture and rural development works to develop agriculture in Israel and to consolidate the settlement in the spirit of the Zionist values to safeguard the State lands and its resources, to assure a supply of fresh, high quality food to the inhabitants of the State of Israel and to leverage the relative advantage of Israel’s agriculture.  Its goal is to ensure the existence and flourishing of Israel’s agriculture, to improve the competitiveness of Israeli produce worldwide and to develop knowledge and innovation

Ministry of Economy and Industry - Foreign Trade Administration

Through its headquarters in Jerusalem together with over 40 economic and trade missions in key financial centers throughout the world, the FTA promotes Israel’s economy worldwide. Israel’s economic and trade missions are at the forefront of the Israeli government’s efforts to boost Israel’s industries in foreign markets. Its team of highly experienced economic representatives and business consultants provide a wide range of services to Israeli companies and to the international business community.

The Israel Wine Board

The Israel Wine Board operates as a non-profit organization for promoting public purposes in the wine industry. Members of the Board are state representatives, wineries, winegrowers and agricultural organizations. The Board combines professional knowledge and integrates winegrowers, industry and government ministries.